How to Charge Toner Laser Jet Printer

Having a Laser Printer is very good because we can save expenses For printing, compared with a printer that uses ink printer using toner or powder is very economical, but the problem is filling the laser printer is not as easy as filling a printer that uses ink, there are many tinta printer infus services for charging the printer laser but the cost is very expensive. for all the contents printer charged an average of Rp. 100,000 whereas if we can replenish itself, we can save About a 8 x folding of us use the services. Imagine if we buy the powder at a price of Rp. 200,000 we could charge up to 8 times but if using the services only able to fill just 2x. so it can be calculated how much money we can save just to fill the printer. Not to mention if we have advanced even we could open the printer charging services. Here I write back on how to fill and kalai laser printer is the HP 1020 printer type and type although for others is not much different, we can own creations. The following article I quote from the writings Sakuraba on 3 May 2008
Based on my experience, not through the toner filling holes that we make, but by opening the film drum. How to open the screws that are on the left & right, the film has a loose drum. Unplug the drum slowly (not to defect) by prying one side of the cartridge loosely (not to be broken).

After the drum the film removed from the cartridge will be visible deploping / magnetic roller that black (a toner), then turn the gear cartridge (be careful not misdirected. If any of the toner will be out of the magnet rollnya, if it had occurred then turn the gear had to in the opposite direction)

When the gear rotation is correct, enter the toner gradually while rotating the gear. It is rather a little messy and dirty, but this is the way that I find very satisfying. To hp laserjet p1102 include a magnetic toner to use paper roll as a spoon. Usually 1 cartridge can fill a maximum of approximately 200 gr
After finishing the contents do not jump at the first tidal drums, first clean the rubber / blit cleaning drum movies. Located at the top magnet roll. then give a little baby powder around the rubber / blit order not abrasive. when the rubber / blit abrasive drum may damage the film.
After the rubber / blit in the clear, replace the drum film carefully. Okay dehh ….
Good luck. Please criticism and suggestion!
In addition to :
Characteristics Drum broken:
Posts to be blurry, can all be partially or writing is not ngblok unclear.
Can also generally striped striped vertically or horizontally
The characteristics of rubber blit / rubber cleaner Damage:
Print the results on paper would seem a straight horizontal stripes.
To be sure open drums and then touch rubber blitnya if someone feels rough, it shall mean the rubber blitnya someone has injured / damaged
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